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About us

Eleni Basoda
X-INK Terapeut
X-ink Laser Tattoo Remover Stockholm



My name is Eleni, and I will treat your tattoo with our QX Max laser. I love tattoos and I have several myself. But it is true, think before you ink! Sometimes it is simply wrong, to outgrow old decisions or regret it.

I know that the laser has changed the lives of many people. Almost every day I meet people, who feel immense gratitude for the opportunity to completely remove their tattoo, or just fade it down, so they can make a good cover-up.

Some people think that the treatment hurts. So we always recommend to have time to sit a while with Emla cream (topical anesthetic) before starting treatment. You can read more about this cream https://www.egenvard.nu/se/Products/Emla . Moreover, I always cool the skin during the time I treat. If preparations are being made right, treatment will be virtually painless.

Then there are of course those who really do not care at all. It is simply very different, how sensitive to pain a person is and where on the body the tattoo is.

I have received my training Scanex in Helsingborg and the Axelssons in Stockholm. If I am unsure, I always contact our reference doctor. Sometimes it happens some clients are experiencing the itch after treatment. It’s usually the same people, who experienced itching as they once did his tattoo. It is about a minor allergic reaction to the ink in the skin. The laser treatment liberates the ink again and the same reaction occurs, when the tattoo was done. When you book your time, I will ask a lot of questions to you, for example, how your skin reacted, when you did your tattoo. If you remember the scratched part, there is a danger that it will itch again. It is not dangerous and goes off after a few days. It is actually quite common.

The most important thing for me is that the client feels comfortable and satisfied with the outcome. Treatment should be 100% sure, and that’s it. Our laser is the same machine used at the major hospitals, it is safe, effective and proven. I want to take care of our clients as if they were guests in my own home, that’s my philosophy.

Come here! You are very welcome.