Does it hurt?

Yes, it hurts. Some people say that it feels like, when you did the tattoo. Others argue that it actually makes even more evil! We always recommend that you purchase with you a tube Emla cream (topical anesthetic) from the pharmacy. We can help you apply the cream before the treatment, you can sit comfortably, have a cup of coffee for a while in our studio and let the cream act.

How many treatments are needed?

Between 5-12 treatments. Factors that come into play are: how old the tattoo is, which colors are used, your skin pigment and so on. Please come and show your tattoo before we make an assessment of how many treatments we believe exactly you will need.

How long should I wait between treatments?

Between four to six weeks.

What does it cost?

Expect about 1,000 per treatment. The important thing is perhaps not the price per treatment, but how many treatment sessions are needed. The most important things are the type of machine and the operator’s experience. We work with the latest technology and experienced staff.

Is it safe?

Every day thousands of laser treatments are performed only in Sweden. Complications or damages incurred due to the laser itself is very unusual. When you come for your first visit, we will tell in detail about how the treatment works and why you don`t need to be worried.

Will there be scars?

No, not of the actual laser treatment. However, if it is already scarring because of the tattoo, there is a risk that all pigments are not going to get away.

Medication and treatment

Blood-thinning medications and laser treatments are not compatible. If you are unsure and are using some type of medication, you should inform us about it. We double check with our doctors to be sure, that the treatment does not cause any increased risk.

Sunburn and treatment

Darker skin requires a completely different treatment than white skin, because the laser reacts with the skin’s melanin. Before the treatment we do a type assessment of your skin type so that the laser machine’s settings are optimized. Sunburn is a completely unnecessary pigmentation in context and we discourage absolutely from all the sun exposure during treatment.