How does a laser work?

Our Fotona QX Max laser smashes color pigments in the tattoo with pulses that is 5 nanoseconds short (5 trillion of a second). The pigments are taken care of body macrophages, a type of white blood cells. They clean away the shattered pigments which disappears with the bloodstream via the lymphatic system. It flashes a bit and it feels like little bumps in the skin. Some think it does really hurt, others are not bothered at all. The tattoo may be a white surface that disappears after a few hours and it will be red and slightly swollen afterward. The red swelling disappears in a few days.

There really is no need finishing but we recommend our own after tattoo removal cream. It cools and keeps the treated area soft and clean. You can shower the same evening. The light pulse of the laser is so short and intense just depigmentation affected and not your natural pigment in the skin.

It may take up to 12 laser treatments to remove a tattoo with color completely – but you just want to whiten it down to make a coverup may suffice about 4 laser treatments.

Lasberbehandling occurs at intervals of four to six weeks. It is because the body needs that time in which to do away with the shattered depigmentation. Older tattoos are easier to remove. The hardest colors are green and turquoise.
In a few people, there may be a slight shade of color pigments remain no matter how many treatments you do. It is individual and depends on many factors, such as where on the body the tattoo is, the technology that was used when the tattoo was done, how many and which colors are in the tattoo, how old the tattoo is and how deep it is.

Tattoo removal with laser is the only safe and effective way to restore the skin.