Tattoo Removal


What actually happens in the body and skin, when dealing with a tattoo with laser? There is no heat or light itself that eventually removing your tattoo. Rather, it is the extremely short and very strong pulses of the special laser light that creates a so-called photoacoustic response in the middle layer of skin, the dermis.

“Bang” – that beats literally break pigment into microscopic particles, so they can be carried away by the body’s lymphatic system.

The body works between the treatments to carry away the pigment which was released. That is why, we recommend four to six weeks pause between visits. During that time you will notice, how the tattoo is fading more and more.

How many treatments are needed? It depends on so many factors, such as where on the body the tattoo is, how it’s made, how the machine is adjusted and what quality it has. After seeing your tattoo, we can give you an assessment, of how many treatments we believe is required. Expect at least five.